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Why is RiskMan so popular? 

Our customers tell us it's because we always provide knowledgable and timely application and technical support.



In September 2017, RiskMan International was acquired by the Datix Group. Both companies have a shared mission and will now be able to help even more customers protect patients from harm by combining nearly fifty years of healthcare risk management experience.

RiskMan.Net was first developed in early 2000 and continues to operate the Head Office out of Melbourne, Australia. RMI is the leading provider of web based Incident and Risk Management systems for Healthcare in the Australasian region, with an extensive number of implementations that span thousands of individual locations across Australia and internationally.   RiskMan.Net is built on a flexible framework that has facilitated constant advances in system functionality for over 18 years.  During these eighteen years of service we have developed a concise and consistent methodology for providing RiskMan.Net to a broad range of services and organisations.

Datix is the leading provider of Patient Safety Software in the UK. They currently operate across the UK, USA, Middle East, Australia and Europe. Founded over 30 years ago, Datix aims to build and promote a culture of safety within healthcare organisations.

The global team created by the joining of RiskMan International and Datix Ltd will allow for expertise and knowledge from across the two products to be shared to establish a long-term product development pathway. This will ensure that clients evolving product requirements will be met well into the future.


We love that RiskMan is so accommodating to our specific organisational needs.

With a versatile framework, RiskMan.Net has continued the growth of its client base beyond the Health sector, into a wide variety of markets, including but not limited to:

    • State Government
    • Education
    • Aboriginal Services
    • Local Government
    • Community Services
    • Emergency Services
    • Public Health
    • Private Health
    • Aged Care
    • Correction Facilities
    • Pharmacy
    • Diagnostic Services
    • Retail
    • Dental Services

Today RiskMan.Net can be found in a variety of organisations where the system is used to manage, monitor and anlayse a wide range of business functions including, but not limited to: 

    • Incidents
    • Complaints
    • Risk Management
    • Quality Management
    • Compliance
    • OH&S
    • Workplace Claims
    • Contract Management
    • Investigations
    • Audit Findings
    • Return to Work
    • Personnel and Training

RiskMan International has an excellent track record of good working relationships with clients from all over the world. RMI sees no barrier to conducting international business from Australia and uses a combination of onsite meetings and online conferencing technologies to deliver quality services regardless of the clients’ location.  RiskMan.Net is being utilised in the following locations around the world:

    • Australia
    • Africa
    • Americas
    • Asia Pacific
    • Alaska
    • Europe
    • Hong Kong
    • Malaysia
    • Middle East
    • New Zealand
    • Oman
    • Thailand
    • United Kingdom