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Choosing RiskMan is Low Risk

Dun and Bradstreet confirms that working with RiskMan International is low risk based on a strong dynamic risk score and a consistent financial profile.

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RiskMan International is frequently asked to work with other organisations to either import or export data from RiskMan.Net to other systems that our customers rely on to effectively manage risk within their organisations.

We welcome the opportunity to work with other companies and interface RiskMan.Net to other systems. 

If you would like to talk about partnering with RiskMan International please call us on 3 61 9686 0009 or send us an enquiry through the online form. 

Some of the companies and systems we have partnered with include:

Health Legal/Law Compliance

RiskMan International and Health Legal/Law Compliance have collaborated to create an interactive compliance and reporting tool to assist organisations in meeting their legal obligations. Health Legal’s legislative compliance register, self-assessment questions and training brochures can now be delivered directly to your RiskMan.Net system.

Management Advantage

Management Advantage provides Aged Care Software Solutions for the management of Residents Care Plans in Aged Care Facilities.  RiskMan International has worked in collaboration with Goulburn Valley Health (A RiskMan.Net Client) and Management Advantage to interface RiskMan.Net with the Management Advantage ManAd Plus product.

ManAd Plus provides a master reference for the lookup of client demographic data during the Incident Entry process in RiskMan.Net.  Subsequent to an Incident report regarding a resident, an extract of the Incident Data transfers automatically to ManAd Plus from RiskMan.Net.

Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA)

The Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) provides risk and insurance services to protect Victoria's assets and minimise losses from adiverse events.

VMIA engaged RiskMan International in the development of a secure web-based Incident Transmission Application to assist hospitals in the efficient provision of transmitting incident data to VMIA.  VMIA actively supported RiskMan in rolling out the Incident Transmission Application to all Victorian Public hospitals.