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Choosing RiskMan is Low Risk

Dun and Bradstreet confirms that working with RiskMan International is low risk based on a strong dynamic risk score and a consistent financial profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What % of Australian Private Hospitals utilise RiskMan.Net?

RiskMan.Net is utilised by approximately 74% of Australian Private Hospitals.

What % of Australian Public Hospitals utilise RiskMan.Net?

RiskMan.Net is utilised in Public Hospitals by the following States:

  • Victoria
  • Northern Territory
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Queensland

What sort of information can be managed within RiskMan.Net?

RiskMan.Net is a flexible Information Management solution that can provide the tools to manage, monitor and analyse any sort of information.  Some more popular modules include:

  • Incidents
  • Feedback/Complaints
  • Risk Register
  • Quality Activities
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Workplace Claims
  • Audits
  • Legal Compliance
  • Personnel
  • Investigations
  • Fraud Management
  • Asset Management
  • Return to Work
  • Environmental Issues
  • Equipment Failures