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As many modules as you need!

RiskMan uniquely offers a comprehensive package of core modules, extension options and as many custom modules as you need.



The Alerts sub-system monitors all Notifications for any “trigger condition” or combination of conditions, which may be created from any field in the RiskMan dataset.


The Alerts sub-system may also be interfaced with other systems, such as specialist application databases, pager systems or SMS gateways.

SMS Alerts can be used instead of, or in addition to, the emails that you can send to users when creating an Alert.

  • Trigger conditions from any field
  • Simple and Complex Alerts
  • SMS Alerts capable
  • Time Based Alerts
  • Threshold Alerts

The Alerts sub-system is integrated with all the RiskMan Modules, including: Incidents, Risk Register, Feedback, Quality Improvement and Custom Modules or Infinity Framework modules.