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As many modules as you need!

RiskMan uniquely offers a comprehensive package of core modules, extension options and as many custom modules as you need.



RiskMan provides a comprehensive reporting and analysis suite, which presents data in real time, at differing levels of detail – from high level Executive Indicators, through to Summary reports and charts, to detailed comprehensive reports of individual notifications.

  • Suite of Analysis Tools
  • Multiple Charts and Views
  • Traffic Light thresholds
  • Self service reports
  • Real-time data

RiskMan provides high-level Executive monitoring using Indicator Sets – groups of Key Performance Indicators, built over any component of the RiskMan feature set.
Typical Indicators may include such items as:

  • OH&S Indicators tracking areas such as rates of Lost Time Injuries
  • Specific counts such as incidence of Back Injuries
  • Consumer Feedback performance indicators, such as Average Response of Closure Intervals

Individual Indicators can be configured with “traffic light” flags, highlighting threshold limits – Green for Acceptable, Amber for Concern, and Red for Unacceptable.