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Why is RiskMan so popular?

Read the testimonials and see for yourself why RiskMan is so popular with both our new and long term customers.


RiskMan helps Sonic consolidate their National data daily

Sonic Healthcare (Melbourne Pathology) is one of the world's largest medical diagnostics companies, providing laboratory and radiology services to medical practitioners, hospitals and community health services

Sonic are a national organisation that operates under several individual brands including: Pathology, Radiology, Lifescreen, Clinical Trials, Clinical Institute and Food and Water Testing.

RiskMan International developed a batch collection strategy for overnight consolidation of 6 state-based reference files, which are brought in from separate locations to provide a single reference look-up point for doctor data to be imported to incident reports.

St John's Ambulance
Non Government Organisations join RiskMan

After the success of the RiskMan.Net system at the NT Department of Health, they wanted the same reporting and notification capability for their affiliated Non-Government Organisations.

It was decided that the Northern Territory would fund an additional RiskMan.Net system for the Non-Government Organisations to utilise and provide consistent reporting to the Government. St John's Ambulance were a very willing and eager pilot participant for the new system and have had great success with improved reporting rates and reliable analysis.

Victorian - Department of Health
RiskMan helps all Victorian Public Health

RiskMan.Net is the mandated Incident and Complaints Management system for all Victorian Public Health services; comprising 72,000 staff across Victoria.

After a comprehensive tender process, RiskMan International (RMI) was awarded the contract to deliver the Victorian Health Incident Management System (VHIMS). RMI successfully met the tight deadlines and strict government requirements to deliver VHIMS on time and on budget.

A key deliverable of the project included the development of a transmission module to allow all the Health Services to directly transmit important Incident and Complaints data to the Department of Health and Health Services Union.

Disability ACT
Trend data improves management and funds allocation

Disability ACT works with people with disabilities, families, carers and friends to create good lives. They also work with business and community organisations to improve the ways that people with disability are part of the community.

RMI assisted Disability ACT to roll RiskMan.Net out to 60 group homes across the ACT. This roll-out was a great success and all users reported that the system was easy to use and had logical steps for data entry. In using RiskMan.Net, Disability ACT were able to confidently report trends to Ministers and enable better management of their corporate and clinical risks and provide more efficient allocation of funds.