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Reduce accreditation workload

Some organisations have reported a 40% reduction in overall time to prepare for accreditation when using RiskMan.Net.



RiskMan International (RMI) is a leading provider of web based Incident and Risk Management systems with an extensive number of implementations that span thousands of individual locations across Australia, New Zealand and further abroad.  

RiskMan.Net is built on a flexible framework that has facilitated constant advances in system functionality since 2000.  During these years of service we have developed a concise and consistent methodology for providing RiskMan.Net to a broad range of services and organisations.

The Implementation of RiskMan.Net is a streamlined process that can be broken 5 distinct Project Stages.   Implementation of RiskMan.Net can be achieved in as little as 12 weeks if minimal development customisation is undertaken during the Consultation and Configuration Stage. The distinct Project Stages are defined as:

  1. Configuration Workshops
  2. Design and Development
  3. Testing and Training
  4. Pilot Program (if required)
  5. Implementation Roll Out

I love RiskMan and especially the ongoing support that is provided by your staff.