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RiskMan.Net is the only solution that offers a robust Customisable Off The Shelf (COTS) system with the ability to rapidly integrate unlimited new modules to meet your specific needs. 



Monitoring Complaints or Feedback  can be used as an early warning sign to bigger problems.  If Feedback notifications are spiking then something is going wrong and may require further investigation.   The Feedback Management component in RiskMan.Net allows staff to directly report Complaints and Compliments. The Feedback module:

  • Records details of the Consumer and Complainant
  • Records the detail of the Complaint, its seriousness and Outcome(s)
  • Identifies multiple Issues raised
  • Records Complainant Objectives and Resolution details
  • Allows assignment of Actions to support resolution of the complaint

RiskMan has made reporting to the Board much more simplified.

This vital reactive Risk Management process allows your organisation to determine a baseline of risk-related events, from which the progress and success of risk mitigation may be measured.