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Reduce accreditation workload

Some organisations have reported a 40% reduction in overall time to prepare for accreditation when using RiskMan.Net.


Continuous improvement is important in any organisation. RiskManQ provides an essential vehicle for recording and managing your Quality Activities.

Adding RiskManQ to the RiskMan.Net base system provides your organisation with a powerful tool to effectively record and track all activities related to ongoing Quality Management. This recorded information can then be used as proof of adherence to and compliance with a variety of Standards.  RiskManQ is an optional module that can be added to your core RiskMan.Net System. 

  • Manage Accreditation/Certification
  • Produce high quality, timely Reports
  • Integrates with ANY Standard
  • Tracability of progression
  • Assign multiple activities to multiple personnel

Indicator Reports are used to flag or draw attention to a specific  Issue that might need addressing. Indicator sets can be built in RiskManQ to provide you with a snapshot report of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) specific to your organisation.