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RiskMan.Net is the only solution that offers a robust Customisable Off The Shelf (COTS) system with the ability to rapidly integrate unlimited new modules to meet your specific needs. 

Adverse Drug Reaction

ADRAC Module




RiskMan.Net provides a Total Information Management solution with no limits to the type or amount of information being managed, monitored and analysed. RiskMan.Net is a true ‘value for money’ system that is  flexible enough to suit the needs of any organisation.  

Some of the features of the Adverse Drug Reaction Module include, but are not limited to:


  • Record important information about adverse drug reactions including where they occurred, who was affected and who is reporting the reaction.

  • Provide detailed information about suspected medicine, dosage, date begun/stopped and the reason for the use of the drug.

  • Include a description of the reaction, the seriousness, treatment and the outcome.

  • Attach supporting documentation about the adverse drug reaction as required.