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As many modules as you need!

RiskMan.Net is the only solution that offers a robust Customisable Off The Shelf (COTS) system with the ability to rapidly integrate unlimited new modules to meet your specific needs. 





RiskMan.Net provides a Total Information Management solution with no limits to the type or amount of information being managed, monitored and analysed. RiskMan.Net is a true ‘value for money’ system that is  flexible enough to suit the needs of any organisation.  

Some of the features of the Compliance Module include, but are not limited to:



  • Record compliance details.  Choose the relevant legislation or standard from a comprehensive, editable drop-down list.

  • Detail the tools used to demonstrate compliance, the audit frequency and future assessment dates.

  • Include type of evidence criteria and type of evidence from pre-filled dropdown lists. Record details of the evidence, location of the evidence and the evidence owner.

  • Provide extensive information about actions, who is responsible, dates, measurement criteria and the outcome of the action.

  • Set up an ongoing monitoring schedule with dates and personnel to  be notified automatically.

  • Attach supporting documentation in relation to the compliance.