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Reduce accreditation workload

Some organisations have reported a 40% reduction in overall time to prepare for accreditation when using RiskMan.Net.

Material Safety

Data Sheets




RiskMan.Net provides a Total Information Management solution with no limits to the type or amount of information being managed, monitored and analysed. RiskMan.Net is a true ‘value for money’ system that is  flexible enough to suit the needs of any organisation.  

Some of the features of the Material Safety Data Sheet Module include, but are not limited to:


  • MSDS Module is aligned to the code of practice for the preparation of Safety Data Sheets to suit the requirements of any organisation.

  • InSafety Phrasescludes pre-filled lists for regulation Hazard Categories, Risk Phrases and  Lists are easily edited if requirements change.

  • Record detailed measures for First Aid, Fire Fighting, Accidental Release, Handling & Storage, Exposure Controls and Personal Protection.

  • Provide information on Physical and Chemical Properties, Toxicological Information, Disposals and any other regulatory information.