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As many modules as you need!

RiskMan.Net is the only solution that offers a robust Customisable Off The Shelf (COTS) system with the ability to rapidly integrate unlimited new modules to meet your specific needs. 



RiskMan.Net provides a Total Information Management solution with no limits to the type or amount of information being managed, monitored and analysed. RiskMan.Net is a true ‘value for money’ system that is  flexible enough to suit the needs of any organisation.  

Some of the features of the Personnel Module include, but are not limited to:

  • Recording information about Personnel including commencement date, current position, previous positions, where they are located and their type of employment.

  • Health records can be maintained inlcuding information about allergies, vaccinations, when they occured and when they are due for renewal.  Alerts and reminders can be generated when vaccinations are due to both personnel and their managers as required.

  • Provide information about induction training or any other type of training needed or conducted. Include information about the type of training, whether required, any costs, dates, outcome and if any follow up is needed.

The risk to organisations with personnel who are not appropriately trained, informed or even vaccinated can be dire.  RiskMan.Net provides you with the vehicle for managing risk related information about all your personnel. This information is linked to Reports, Notifications and Alerts ensuring that important information is disseminated quickly.