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Datix acquires RiskMan International

By Sally Danckert

Posted on: 21 September 2017


Datix acquires Australia’s leading patient safety software provider

Datix has acquired RiskMan International Pty Ltd, Australia’s premier provider of patient safety software. Both companies have a shared mission and will now be able to help even more customers protect patients from harm by combining nearly fifty years of healthcare risk management experience.

Datix CEO, Seyed Mortazavi describes the benefits; “We have always recognised RiskMan’s focus on improving safety and partnering with customers to drive better outcomes. RiskMan has a team with the same values and determination as us and proven skills working with large and diverse healthcare organisations in Australia and globally. The collaborative approach between our two companies will create a learning potential seen nowhere else in the market.”

“As two of the world’s leading suppliers of risk management and patient safety solutions, this is an exciting opportunity for RiskMan International to be joining the Datix group to deliver greater value to our international customer base. RiskMan’s customers have always demonstrated maturity and thought leadership in working with RiskMan International to promote an organisational culture that prioritises patient and staff safety. Our partnership with Datix will ensure the continued success of their initiatives in this vital aspect of their business, now supported by a global network of expertise.” said Scott Esler, Managing Director of RiskMan International.

In the coming months, the businesses will integrate, bring together two world class products, drive incremental opportunities within the Asian Pacific market and extend their reach to create a safer global healthcare environment.