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RiskMan Boardroom joins the Great Shake Up

By Sally Danckert

Posted on: 17 October 2014

RiskMan International was one of 100 boardrooms across Australia who joined the virtual fundraising event in an effort to raise $1 million+ for the Snowdome Foundation from meeting room registrations, auction items and donations.

Staff at RiskMan International gathered in the boardroom to share a lunch time that included an hour of informative, thought provoking entertainment. We were provided with the opportunity to learn more about clinical trials and the reasons why new cutting-edge research and treatments are so vital to blood cancers. The event was hosted by Hamish McLachlan and streamed live from AFL Media.

Formed in 2010, the Snowdome Foundation is dedicated to improving outcomes for Australians with blood cancer by focusing government, corporate and private philanthropic investment into fast-tracking human clinical trials of next-generation drugs and therapies, including epigenetics treatments. No other Australian organisation has this sole focus across all types of blood cancer.

This is the second year of the event. In 2013, 125 meeting rooms participated and $1.3 million was raised from registrations and subsequent donations. 2,500 people learned about the urgent need for blood cancer research.

For more information or to donate to this great foundation that is making a real difference please visit www.snowdome.org.au