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RiskMan wins QLD Health Project

By Sally Danckert

Posted on: 22 March 2016

RiskMan International is pleased to announce that the RiskMan.Net solution has been chosen by Queensland Integrated Safety Information Project (QISIP) as the preferred solution for Queensland Health.  It was acknowledged by QLD Health that RiskMan.Net has been or is being installed in a majority of the Health jurisdictions within Australia and that this experience within the Health environment would enable RMI to impart best practice methodology and lessons learnt in the implementation of RiskMan.Net at Queensland Health.




After a rigorous tender process that included a number of presentations, stakeholder surveys and onsite simulations, RiskMan.Net was the preferred solution.  RiskMan International will be responsible for providing participating Queensland Hospital and Health Services (HHS) with an integrated safety solution including Modules for:


·         Incidents Management (patient and staff)

·         Feedback

·         Risk Management

·         Case Management (workplace injury)


Work is already underway with RiskMan International and the Queensland HHS working groups developing the configuration for QISIP prior to piloting of the system in three HHS's commencing mid 2016.  RiskMan International will then undertake a staged implementation across the remaining HHS's with completion expected in mid-late 2017.